Easy Spray Sprinkler System


Easy sprinkler package from SAFEX is the recognized system from KFl(Korea Institute of Fire Industry & Technology) that can directly connect to waterworks so that it does not need to obtain an additional source of water supply. The system also designed to perform its capability at the place of low water pressure such as Bank, Office, Small Factory, Restaurants, Coffee Shop and etc. The system can be easily installed to the existing building for protecting about 330 square meters.


1) Product by obtain certification of KFI

– All products by obtain certification from KFI so that guarantee of quality and high performance.
2) Luxury design

– Luxurious design is matched with interior.
– Simple I-con touch can be easily understood and recognized by customer.

3) Easy installation and maintenance service

– Package type design for easy installation to the small place.
– Convenient delivery by reducing total weight.
– Easy handling and maintenance service by simple inner piping design.

4) Quick operation and early extinguishing the fire

– Quick and correct response by monitoring secondary piping system pressure and water flow
– Quick operation by auto inhaled pump, and upgrade operation reliability by additional hood valve installation to the inhaled plumbing.

5) Features for operation assurance under emergency

– Spare battery for emergency (Automatically switched to battery for pumping in case of main power off-working time is designed for 20 minutes at full charged).
– 330 liters of inside water tank for early stage fire suppression and replenishment from outside water supply.
– Installation everywhere including place at low water supply pressure by Inverter pressurization pump inside
– Monitoring water tankamount from water level gauge and low water level sensor(optional).


1. This system was certified from KFI at below specifications.

– Pressure range ofwater supply inflow : 15A plumbing, more than 1 kgficm2
– Operating temperature range : I OC-40 0C
– Required plumbing diameter & length : minimum horizontal length 5m maximum horizontal length 35m (more than 25A)
– Required sprinkler : K50

2. Ifthe place can be happen to freeze and burst, it may need suitable action for protecting product.

3. Acceptable sprinkler head : residential type sprinkler head (amountofwater release: 50L/min)


Wet system

Easy sprinkler package is a wet system that is always maintaining pressurized water in the secondary piping for immediate working at fire. When sprinkler works at fire, system is working continuously by sensing water flow or low water pressure signal from pressure gauge of secondary side.



1. Please don’t close No.2 Valve. If closed, water supply will be stopped so that fire may not be properly extinguished.
2. Please choose right installation place to meet products required temperature range.
3. please check for water supply pipes and incoming water pressure before installation to see if it goes with specification.
4. If battery is dead, products may noy work properly during power failure. Please check regularly for battery
charging level.
5. Please do install overflow line, damaged valve may case water trouble.
6. Residential type sprinkler(K50) for closed easy head will meet specification.
7. Please install products to meet local fire safety standard.


1. Fill the water tank with water by connecting the water supply valve to the tank. During the filling, leave the water valve open. (Need priming for initial operation.)
2. Fill the secondary pipe line by operating the pump.
3. The water pump will operate when the pressure level reaches below than the setting.
4. When sprinklers open byfire, the water pump will operate and the unit will alarm continuously.
5. After the fire has been extinguished, switch offthe main and emergency power(battery) supply to stop the unit and water supply.