Vehicle Fire Detection & Suppression System


Most bus fires start in engine compart-ments and surrounding areas. A tested and classified fire suppression system in combination with good fire detection, is the best first response in case of an emergency, Dafo Forrex Fire Suppression System get activated by heat detector when the temperature reach 1 800C.

The Dafo system is developed to use worldwide in both cold and hot climate and designed after the Swedish guideline SBF 1 28, which requires 3L extinguishing agent for 1 m3 protected space. It means, we leave nothing to chances, safety first! The Dafo system is designed to avoid false releases – one of many special qualities.


Fire is indicated by a linear heat detector wire (1) that sends a signal to the actuator (2) which punctures the propellant gas cartridge (3) and releases nitrogen to the agent container (4) that distributes the Forrex liquid tothe nozzles (5) through the pipe system. At the same time the alarm system is activated, an alarm horn (6) in the bus and a light signal in the panel will warn the driver (7).


Have a hand portable extinguisher ready for safety when opening the engine compartment hood. The alarm to the fire system will sound until the detection wire is cut of, by cutting the wire next to the control unit or by removing the fuses. Do not start the bus until the cause offire is determained, and service have been done.


Once a year the system must be inspected and serviced by a trained and authorized service company. The service will be carried out according to the service manual and the service protocol. Every 4th year comprehensive service, every 10th extended service.


You have twelve months warranty from the installation date. Within this time, defects in material or manufacture of components delivered from Dafo give right to replacement free of charge.


The system is certified by TÜV, SBF, FM, Russian Law of Fire Safety no. 123F3. Dafo Forrex extinguishing fluid is certified by the MPA, the SP Environment certificate, Lloyds Register (ICAO Level B) and CCC (China). Dafo Forrex Fire Suppression System is tested for EMC, vibration and temperature according to vehicle standards.


According to increasing requirements, smoke detectors for toilets andluggage compartments are available for installation at the bus manufactory. We also have a linear heat detector wire in the range, which is currently installed in serial production at various bus manufacturers.


The harmless extinguishing liquid and no pressure resting represents no health risk to passengers or mechanics.