UL & FM Approved Braided Flexible Dropper for Sprinkler Systems


Features of the Sprinkler Hose

1. Pressure & Temperature capabilities : Rated working pressure : 12.3 kg/cm 2, 1 75 psi Hydrostatic pressure : 49.3 kg/cm 2, 700 psi Rated working temperature : -40 +200 oc

2. Approval identification : 3043954 a. All purpose anchoring component is flexible to mount to different installation conditions. b. Opened type adapter holder is more flexible and easy to mount the sprinker system.

3. Installation with security a. Construction with screws, Provide builders with security. b. One piece style structure. Pre-assembled and tested for pressure leak in the factory 100% before delivery.

Advantages of high flexibility

a. Flexible to adjust the sprinklers to installation conditions.

b. Prevent the pipe cracks and ceiling deformations during seismic sway.

c. Simple installation. Reduce the laborious costs effectively